"Love is Blindness" [04:21]

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Video Information

The video for “Love is Blindness” was first released in 1993 as part of the videocassette release of “Numb” as a single. The video was directed by Matt Mahurin. It is not known if it at one time was planned for release. Mahurin also directed some of the footage used in the main “With or Without You” video, the alternate “With or Without You” video, and the “Song for Someone” video.

The “Love is Blindness” video features footage of the band performing during the Zoo TV tour in 1992. It is mixed with a series of random images, including an empty park bench, waves crashing, a street busker playing accordion, and clouds in the sky.

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Video Credits

  • Directed by Matt Mahurin
  • Camera: Matt Mahurin
  • Produced by Trish Govoni
  • Executive Producer: Louise Feldman (Mortal Films)
  • Edited by Matt Mahurin