"Night and Day" (Original Version) [05:08]

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This 1990 video for U2’s cover of “Night + Day” by Cole Porter, first aired on television as part of a television special for World AIDS Day in 1990 on ABC television. The video opens in black and white with the lyrics of Porters song being written on the screen. What follows is a performance video, filmed in Wim Wenders’ apartment in Berlin. Bono is seen sitting on a spiral stair case singing the song, and then we see other members of the band sitting in the same stair with their instruments.

This would be the first time the band worked with Wenders, but it has lead to a number of other collaborations over the years, and U2 has contributed a number of songs to Wenders films, and Bono and Wenders worked together on the The Million Dollar Hotel.

The video planned for the song includes a scene with Bono rubbing his thumb on a razor near the end of the song. This caused some concern from ABC television, and an alternate edit of the video appeared in the Red, Hot and Blue special when it aired on ABC. This version removes the razor blade footage and includes additional footage of The Edge. The video with the razor blade was used for additional promotion, and it was that version which appears on the Red, Hot and Blue DVD releases.

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Directed by Wim Wenders