"One" (featuring Mary J. Blige) [04:27]

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The video for U2 and Mary J. Blige performing “One” was shot in a theatre in Mexico on February 17, 2006. The entire video was filmed in black and white. It opens with U2 performing “One” on stage, and we see scenes of Mary J. Blige getting ready, and arriving at the theatre. She gets ready and joins U2 on the stage as her first verse starts. The performance footage is intercut with scenes around the theatre itself. The video ends with Bono and Mary shaking hands, and then Bono pulling her hand in for a kiss.

Willie Williams included a note about the video shoot in his diary at u2.com, “I wandered for a while before flagging down a cab and heading to an old theatre in the same part of town where U2 were shooting a video with Mary J. Blige. Mary’s version of ‘One’ is on her current album, so I’m guessing it’ll be a single, hence the video. I wasn’t involved in the shoot professionally, but it’s always interesting to see how the other half lives. Paul Hunter was directing, whilst Jeff Cronenweth and team were busy filling the theatre so full of smoke that it became almost impossible to see across the room. Looked pretty cool on camera, though.”

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Directed by Paul Hunter