"Ordinary Love" (Paul Epworth Mix) [03:53]

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Video Information

Directors Oliver Jeffers and Mac Premo developed the lyric video of the song which was released on November 21, 2013. This newer video was edited to use the alternate “Paul Epworth Mix” of the song, longer in length, and also adds footage of the band.

Like the original this video was filmed at The Invisible Dog, an art studio in Brooklyn, NY, as well as the surrounding areas. The video features the hand written lyrics to the song, appearing, then fading away, created by Irish illustrator Oliver Jeffers, and animated by Mac Premo. The video opens with shots of buildings, sidewalks and walls before switching to interior shots from The Invisible Dog, including an elevator painted with passages from Dante. We see a close up of the lyrics being hand written with a fountain pen, on paper, before the writer switches to pencil and continues off of the paper. The lyrics continue, in chalk, in ink on skin. charcoal on marble, and paint on the walls, and even outside in a nearby park, and the outside of the building. We also see the creation of a portrait of Nelson Mandela on the roof, the same picture which was used on the cover of the single.

The first new footage of the band starts at 0:22 with Bono being filmed standing in The Invisible Dog against a bank of windows, and then he teleports around the room. We also see him singing against a blue sky. We see the entire band in front of the elevator at The Invisible Dog, and in the same window filled room holding their instruments, and without instruments as they blink in and out around the room.

To date this video for “Ordinary Love” has not been released on any commercial home video release by the band.

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Video Credits

Directed by Mac Premo & Oliver Jeffers
Produced by: Suzanne Mulholland, Mac Premo & Oliver Jeffers
Edited by: Ann Lupo
Typography by: Oliver Jeffers
2nd camera: Oliver Jevremov
Production assistants: Doreen Maddox, Katie Mulholland & Connie Bree
Filmed at: The Invisible Dog, Brooklyn