"Original of the Species" (Alternate Version) [04:35]

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Video Information

A second video for “Original of the Species” appeared on AOL Music on January 11, 2006 as a 24 hour exclusive to that site. The video would later become available on MTV, and other outlets, including iTunes music store.

This video took the performance footage shot backstage in a small room at Madison Square Garden in October 2005, and made a full video from it. Some of the footage had been previously seen in the first video, directed by Catherine Owens, but that video used a lot of digital animation effects throughout as well. This new video is just the live performance footage shot by Mark Pellington in New York. Mixed in with footage of the band is some footage of a live dancer, who is visibly pregnant. The band was performing a series of shows on the 2005 Vertigo tour when this was filmed.

The video footage itself consists almost entirely of Bono singing the song. The dancer is often in the same frame overlaid over the image of Bono. And throughout most of the video you can actual see two images of Bono singing in each frame (one with glasses and one without). There is a brief appearance by the other members of the band, and when they are seen, they too are duplicated in the frame.

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Directed by Mark Pellington