"Please" (Corbijn Version) [05:41]

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Video Information

Very dark and gray, quite a contrast to the bright lights of Discotheque, the video was directed by Anton Corbijn. In the opening we see an older bearded man in a fabricated “city” standing with a sing that says “Please” take off and hold his hat out begging. We then see Bono’s face in close up, and then people from all walks of life down on their knees. The only person on her feet in public besides the older man is a young girl on a scooter. But we see a man enter a house in private on his knees, and stand once he is inside.

Midway through the video the older man falls to his knees as the other residents rise. The video breaks into colour, and we see a gang of young thugs breaking windows, while people walk past the bearded man not seeing him. This part of the video is mixed with footage of Bono and the band in colour. At the end of the video the bearded man flies away, and the young girl picks up his sign which he has dropped, as the lights come on in the city.

They had a bit of fun with the city. On one corner in the make-believe city, where tourists are standing with their camera, we can see “No Name” for a street sign.

The video was directed by long time collaborator Anton Corbijn. The video premiered in Europe before it was debuted in North America. Although debuting in late September in Europe, it would be mid-October before it started to show in North America. The video uses the single version of the song, and not the version from the album. The song was re-recorded in a studio in The Netherlands in July 1997. The video was included on the video release “The Best of 1990 – 2000”.

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Video Credits

  • Directed by Anton Corbijn
  • Producer: Richard Bell
  • Editor: Nicolas Wayman-Harris
  • Production Company: State Ltd.
  • D.O.P.: NIcholas Wayman-Harris