"Pride (In the Name of Love) (Songs of Surrender)" (Lyric Video) [03:56]

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Video Information

The video was directed by Connor Campbell, in collaboration with visual artist Melissa Santamaría. Vincenzo Marchese Ragona was part of the Art direction team, handling the various typographic layouts for the video. Campbell shared that the video was “Inspired by romanticism and reimagining iconic moments and feelings from the original 1984 music video.”

Above: Finished version and early version of the video.

The video was originally produced around the original short version of “Pride (In the Name of Love)” as the details of the new recording of the song and the release of the Songs of Surrender album had not yet been made public. The original video borrowed images from the original video, which have been animated, including signage from buses, and the East Link bridge, but these have been removed from the final video. For the final video the Morse code reading “Songs of Surrender” is added, as is the “SOS” present when Bono sings the never to be kissed line. Due to the new vocals in the new version, several lyrics also had to be altered on the screen.

The images of U2 used throughout the video are based on footage from the original video. The animations of the band are based on the video shot at SFX Hall in Dublin for the original video, including the leap Bono takes from the stage into the audience.

The video was used to promote the release of the album, and was the first full track released from the album. The lyric video went live on January 11, 2023, at the same time the single was released to radio, and the full album announcement was made. The full video was debuted on YouTube.

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Video Credits

Director: Connor Campbell
Visual Artist: Melissa Santamaría
Typographic Layouts / Art Direction: Vincenzo Marchese Ragona