"Pride (In the Name of Love)" (Version 3 - Faces Version) [03:47]

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This version of the “Pride” video features the faces of the band members and was filmed by Anton Corbijn. It was not a widely played video in fact, the director, Anton Corbijn claimed that it should not have been played and may have gotten an accidental release. It was played on some European channels throughout the 1980s but it was rare and other versions were much more common.

Anton Corbijn in the book “I Want My MTV” discussed making the video: “I had a low opinion of music videos. I had no desire to make them. Photographing musicians was my first love. But bands, said, “You do our photographs and our album covers, why not do this, too?” U2 had done a video for “Pride” with Donald Cammell who was a proper filmmaker. The band was afraid it was too cinematic, almost too devoid of street vibe. So Bono asked me to have a try. I had to do it near Heathrow Airport, before they boarded a plane to Japan. I was given a couple of hours in the basement of a hotel. I did it in one shot, mostly close-ups of their faces. It’s terrible. And the manager, Paul McGuinness, swore that I would never be allowed near U2 again with a film camera.”

Paul McGuinness in the same book replied: “Anton shot u2 in a photographic homage to the cover of Meet the Beatles, where the band are lit only from the side. When we looked at it, we immediately realized it was really terrible”.

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Director: Anton Corbijn