"Song for Someone" (Film) [08:57]

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Video Information

This video for “Song for Someone” is a short film, and like “Every Breaking Wave” before it, U2 were not involved with filming the video, nor do they appear in it. The video is directed by Vincent Haycock, and stars Woody Harrelson and his daughter Zoe. The video was filmed on April 24 and 25, 2015 in Los Angeles.The video is almost nine minutes in length, and focuses on Harrelson’s character, Aaron Brown, who is being let out of prison. Waiting for him outside the prison is his daughter, played by Harrelson’s real life daughter Zoe. The audio of the song starts at about 2 minutes into the video, and ends at 5:30. The rest of the video is made up of the dialog and sound of the film, although a small instrumental piece from the song plays over the credits which run for the last 01:17 of the video.

The video premiered as part of the third-season premiere of “Rectify” on SundanceTV. After the premiere, the video was shown in full. It was also posted to the SundanceTV website. A 15-second trailer for the film was released on July 6, 2015.

SundanceTV described the video as follows:

Directed by Vincent Haycock, cinematography by Steve Annis and produced by Pete Vitale & Park Pictures, Song for Someone features Woody Harrelson as a man being released from prison after years of incarceration and features his daughter Zoe Harrelson. The piece thematically links to RECTIFY, SundanceTV’s Peabody award-winning series that follows the story of Daniel Holden and his family as they struggle to move forward after Daniel’s release from 19 years on death row.

The video was uploaded to facebook on July 12, 2015. A 4:30 “Song for Someone (Behind the Scenes)” video was also uploaded at that time. Unlike “Every Breaking Wave” a shorter video for promotion of the song was not edited from the original footage.

At this time the video has not been released on any commercial U2 video release.

Video Shooting Locations

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Video Credits

Production Companies: Park Pictures & Mainline
Director: Vincent Haycock
Executive Producers: Jackie Kelman Bisbee, Mary Ann Marino, Paul McKee, Pete Vitale
Supervising Producer: Alex Fisch
Line Producer: Pete Vitale
Associate Producer (for Maverick): Jesse Peters
Production Supervisor: Kevan Dirinpour
Assistant Production Supervisor: Eugene Silva
2nd Assistant Production Supervisor: Phoenix Lawton

Aaron Brown: Woody Harrelson
Aaron’s Daughter: Zoe Harrelson
Passing Prisoner: James Frecheville
Prison Guard #1: Alfred Adderly
Prison Guard #2: Keith Johnson
Prison Guard #3: Michael Dwight Smith
Prison Guard #4: Keith Young
Prison Guard #5: Richard Heintze
Prison Guard #6: Tony Zarate
Prison Guard #7: Lee Tucker
Prisoner: Dash Riprock
Prisoner: Jose Abril
Bus Driver: Troy Haddock
Girl on Phone: Natasha Newman-Thomas
Guy on Phone: Dave Hernandez

Extras: Ben Blenkie, Richard Brynan, Steve Castillo, Francisco Flores, Craig Chen, Jeremy Kholos, Jonny O, Massey Cornelius, Leland White, Lee Tucker, Fidel Bryan, Kyle Sparks, Steve Castillo (listed twice), Francisco Flores, David Hernandez, Clarence Leonard, Tammy Schweitzer, Candace Brown

Director of Photography: Steve Annis
1st AC: Steve Wong
2nd AC: Terry Wolcott
Loader: Sarah Galley
Steadicam Operator: Brian Freesh
Gaffer: Bobby Wotherspoon
Best Boy Electric: Greg Jensen
Electric: Anthony Van Dyk
Electric: Omar Saenz
Electric Driver: Juan Barosso
Key Grip: Ryan McGuire
Best Boy Grip: Steve Sema
Grip: David Conti
Grip: Ralphe Delcasteo
Grip: Dustin Vinlossenberg
Grip Driver: Jordo Edelman
1st AD: Rick Lange
2nd AD: Cue Chatley
Production Designer: Jay Hougaard
Art Director: Nic Kelley
Propmaster: Perry Pascual
Costume Designer: Natasha Newman-Thomas
2nd Costumer: Lisa Madonna
Make-Up: Brenna Bash
Make-Up Assistant: Ayat Malek Klankhooy
Casting Director: Richard Mento
Location Scout / Manager: Chris Gutierrez, Ivan Siebel
VTR: Matt Hillyer
Sound Mixer: Chris Lennon
Boom Op: Spencer Flynn
Transportation Captain: Jordo Edleman
Driver for Mr. Harrelson: Joe Lewis
Motorhome Drivers: Steve Maytum, Dennis Matsuoka
Medic: Jeffrey Stevens
Production Assistants: Trevor Taylor, Jamaal Taylor, Seth Craven, Alfonso Sutton, John Rocheleau, Kaedi Taylor, Dustin James Tiberend, Andrew Arellano
Set Photographer: Emma Holley
Caterers: Oscar Eufracio and Richard Friedman
Editor: Vincent Haycock
Colorist: Arnold Ramm
Flame: Kevin Kim / Bonch
Sound Designer: Tom Paolantonio / Lime Studios
Sound Mastering: Scott Cedilla

Management: Maverick – Guy Oseary, Brian Celler, Jesse Peters, Nadine King, Jennifer Pitcher

Record label: Island (UK), Interscope (US), Universal Music International

Video Commissioners: Tom Bird, Natalia Maus

Vincent’s music video representation: Alexa Haywood (Freeagent UK)

Publicity: Nasty Little Man with Dennis Dennehy (US); RMP (UK)

BTS Creative Director: Jeff Coffman

Special thanks to: Tracy Harshman, Alexa Haywood (freeagent uk) Stephanie & Ocean Haycock, AG Rojas, The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Deputy Eric Torgeson, Deputy Carlos Quintana, Deputy Marsha Townsend, The Mira Loma Detention Center