"Spanish Eyes" (From "Outside it's America") [03:16]

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Video Information

This video was part of the MTV documentary “Outside it’s America” about the early days of the Joshua Tree tour. The documentary follows U2 through the Arizona desert, photo shoots, and includes videos for this song, as well as “In God’s Country.”

The video starts out with a truck crossing the tracks, and a train following shortly behind. Similar to “A Sort of Homecoming” a lot of shots in this video are filmed from a moving vehicle. The scenes of the road are intercut with scenes of U2 performing live in concert, Adam signing autographs, the band hitch hiking, Bono goofing around, Larry riding a bike, Bono hanging out on some train tracks at sunset. Perhaps the scariest moment is Bono driving a truck. The video also includes footage of children and other locals. Some of the locations covered in this video include Las Vegas with scenes of the Dunes and Flamingo Casinos, driving near El Paso, Texas heading for Las Cruces, New Mexico, and Los Angeles (Savy Clothing store and the LA River). U2 would have played in these areas between April 2, 1987 and April 22, 1987 on the first leg of The Joshua Tree tour.

The documentary “Outside it’s America” was produced for MTV and shown on MTV networks later in the year. It was not released as a home video until the release of U2’s “The Joshua Tree” for it’s 25th Anniversary. The bonus DVD found in the box set included the documentary.

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Video Credits

  • Directed by Barry Devlin
  • Produced by Anne-Louise Kelly
  • Edited by Brian Cash