"Staring at the Sun" (Miami Version) [04:37]

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Video Information

“Shot by Edge’s partner Morleigh, the video follows U2 through their Miami vacation. Lots of cool footage. Video first aired June 1997” (Prarit)

This video features U2 around various locations in Miami. It includes footage from a variety of photo shoots for the Pop album, both outside in Miami, as well as inside the studio where the “moon shots” for the album were taken. It includes footage of Bono performing the song.

The video first aired in early June 1997 on a variety of music stations. The video had been filmed between April 30th and May 14th while the band was in Miami working on the Pop album, doing overdubs and working with about 30 demo songs, and doing photo shoots with Anton Corbijn for the album cover. At that point the band were looking at a fall release. “If things get rolling and we finish in time for an October or November release, we’ll be very happy,” said Adam. At the time, “Staring at the Sun” was likely a contender for the lead single from the album.

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Video Credits

  • Directed by Morleigh Steinberg
  • Produced by Morleigh Steinberg
  • Camera by Morleigh Steinberg
  • Edited by Stephen O’Connell