"Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of" (North American Version) [04:30]

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Video Information

This video was shot by Joseph Kahn, who had previously worked with U2 on the “Elevation” video. The concept of the video is an American football game, with a rookie player who if he makes the final kick will win the game. He misses, and relives the moment over and over again throughout the video.

As well, U2 are in various locations around the football stadium, reliving their own particular moments, Bono is sitting in the crowd, Adam is relaxed reading the news, Larry is cheering on the winning team, and The Edge is slipping and falling backwards on the stairs.

The band and the extras sitting in the stands were filmed in Berlin at a stadium called the Velomax, or Max-Schmeling-Halle. The band were filmed following the concert in Berlin on the Elevation Tour. The football game itself, and John Madden were filmed at the Astrodome in Houston, TX. U2 were not present at the North American shot. The footage in Berlin used about 100 extras for the crowd scenes including comedian Michael Mittermeier who had opened the concert in Berlin. The Astrodome footage had 150 extras and 700 cardboard people and was shot a few days after the footage in Berlin was filmed. The announcer is John Madden, a former football player, coach and commentator for NFL telecasts.

Some inside jokes courtesy of U2 used in the video:

  • One team is called “Lemons”
  • The other team is called “The Flys”
  • The game is being held at “The Unforgettable Fire Dome”
  • John Madden describes the day as “Sunday Bloody Sunday”
  • Lemons coach is Dave Evans and he’s known for making “Edgy plays”
  • The Flys coach is Paul McGuinness
  • The rookie is named Paul “Angel of Harlem” Hewson
  • Adam Clayton is reading the sports pages from the Irish Times
  • At the end we see Hewson in a mailman’s uniform, Bono’s Dad was a mailman.

The video was debuted on “Total Request Live” on MTV in the US on August 31, 2001. It was first aired at 3:30pm EST. The title card in the U218 Videos release erroneously lists this video as having been partially filmed in Los Angeles.

As part of a refresh of the U2 YouTube channel, a 1080p version of the video was uploaded to YouTube on Novermber 19, 2020.

Video Shooting Locations

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Video Credits

  • Directed by Joseph Kahn
  • Produced by Greg Tharp
  • Effects Supervisor: Chris Watts
  • Director of Photography: Omer Ganai
  • Production Company: Supermega/Palomar
  • Editor: Joseph Kahn
  • 3D Artist: Bruce Branit of Strange Engine
  • Henry Artist: Mark Robben
  • Crowd FX: Amalgamated Pixels
  • Assembly: Wayne Shepherd and Mark Robben, At the Post