"The Unforgettable Fire" (Alternative Video) [04:55]

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Video Information

U2 return to Sweden for another video in the snow.

The video opens with footage of a city at night, with the lights flickering on, as the moon rises. Bono is filmed watching U2 perform on a small screen, and we see light trails through the city. Then we switch to a snowy winter scene with Edge walking through a snowy forest, and we see scenes of a carnival. The footage of the carnival, and of the band in the snow was filmed in Sweden. The city itself has never been identified, but most agree that it is likely Minneapolis, and that this is likely stock footage of some sort. The footage in Sweden was shot in January 1985, while U2 was in Stockholm for a concert at the Ice Stadium. Anton Corbijn is in tow and also does a photo shoot in the snow.

There are two versions of this video. This is the version that was available on The Unforgettable Fire documentary, and in the 25th anniversary release of The Unforgettable Fire album, as well as on the 1987 promotional video release. At about the three minute mark on this video you see scenes of Larry Mullen and Adam Clayton. In the alternate video you see someone playing a string instrument instead. The alternate version of the video is quite similar otherwise. The alternate version appears on The Best of 1980-1990 video release and is the version that U2 used on their YouTube channel in 2021.

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Video Credits

  • Director: Meiert Avis
  • Producer: James Morris (Windmill Lane)
  • Producer: Michael Hamlyn (Midnight Films)