"Until the End of the World" [04:39]

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Video Information

This video opens with Adam standing in a dark room, lit from the waist up and standing there topless. It cuts to road movie footage with green and purple skies. Bono, The Edge, and Larry are all seen, again in a dark room with light on their features the only thing visible in the frame. Larry as well is without shirt. The road movie footage continues throughout the movie, but it is unclear what exactly we are looking at sometimes due to the heavy processing and special effects but the American flag, a long tunnel, and shots from a moving car can be made out. There are also a few shots The Edge covered in plastic wrap. At the end we see Bono blow kisses to the camera.

The video was filmed at Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin. The road movie footage was actually shot by Wim Wenders, U2 had contributed the song to his film “Until the End of the World”. Wenders sent Smyth some footage and Smyth then shot a video to complement the footage. The band were all shot in Windmill Lane, and were all filmed at different times over the course of a week. Smyth discussed the cling-wrapped Edge with atu2.com, “There was a funny moment when we finally had him wrapped completely. I had been chatting and joking with the stylist and for a minute I forgot that Edge couldn’t breathe. We had to look for scissors, and I think we ran out of time and had to stick our fingers through. In fact, that’s where that moment in the edit comes at the end where you can see the rapid breathing by Edge. That was the first thing we shot because it looked cool.” The Bono interview took place on a Friday night, and Smyth had to pull Bono out of an interview to finish filming the video.

The video was never released for airplay, nor was “Until the End of the World” released as a single beyond a promotional CD. However, the video was eventually released on the compliation “Achtung Baby: The Videos, The Cameos, and a Whole Lot of Interference from Zoo TV” in 1992.

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Video Credits

Directed by Richie Smyth
Produced by Ned O’Hanlon – Dreamchaser Productions
Special Thanks to Wim Wenders