"Vertigo" [03:11]

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Video Information

The “Vertigo” video features moving targets in the sand, and evil black sand trails from the band. The video was shot on September 14, and 15th at Punta Del Fangar in the Ebro delta on the Spanish Mediterranean coast. Alex and Martin direct the video, and with their team build a mini-studio in the middle of the sand bar for close-ups and lighting effects. At first the plan was to construct the ‘target’ out of concrete, but due to environmental factors they chose to build with different colours of gravel instead. The band did close to 40 playbacks of the song for the video shoot.

The Edge, interviewed during the filming joked “We finally persuade someone to film a video of us some place that is warm and what happens? We get rained on, we get hurricane strength winds, sand blasted! How come Duran Duran got the Seychelles, beautiful girls draped over these expensive yachts.”

The video for “Vertigo” debuted on America Online first, available as an exclusive for 24 hours beginning on October 27 at 12:01 ET, for AOL members and on the web at aolmusic.com.The video was the 100th video to debut on AOL Music’s First View program before any other media outlet, including television. “It is an honor to have the new U2 video first,” states Evan Harrison, Vice President and General Manager of AOL Music. “‘Vertigo’ is an explosive song. We absolutely expect the video to resonate with our vast online audience, many of whom have grown up with the band.”

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Video Credits

Directed by Alex & Martin, Partizan Entertainment
Producer: Grace Bodie
Production Manager: Johnny Wardle
Director of Photography: Omer Ganai
First Assistant Director: Ben Gill
Art Director: Dan Betteridge
Editing: Joe Guest at Final Cut
Offline Editing: Medialabs
Post Production done at BUF Compagnie
Flame Artists: Jonathan Lagache and Françis Polvé
VFX Supervisor: Jam Abelanet