"When I Look at the World (Picante Remix)" (Visualiser Video) [05:14]

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Video Information

This was one of three “Visualiser Videos” done to promote the three track EP, “Trilogy” and the 20th anniversary release of All That You Can’t Leave Behind. The three tracks were:

  • “When I Look at the World” (Picante Remix)
  • “In A Little While” (Nightmares on Wax Remix)
  • “Walk On” (Wyclef Jean Remix)

These were the three tracks featured on the “Trilogy” EP, and there were three visualiser videos released the same week as the EP to promote the release. Each of these videos features the image of the symbol for each song from the album, animated into a 3D version in black and white, which dances around the screen. These visualisations were initially seen in the lyric video for “Stateless”, released a month earlier. In these Visualiser videos the focus is just on the icon for the song.

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Video Credits

Director: Alex Joseph
Producer: Holly Williams