"Where the Streets Have No Name" (Alternate Version) [05:03]

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Video Information

This video is very similar to the longer version by Meiert Avis that many are familiar with, and is often mistaken for an edit of that particular video. However, this is a separate video, with additional shots that are not seen in the other versions of the video.

The video opens with the sound of helicopters, and we see footage of the sun over clouds, followed by some aerial shots of LA, and some shots from around the city. These shots open the video, before it moves into the more familiar footage of the video. This footage is not present in the longer version of the video by Avis which was widely used. One of these additional shots features Fire Station No. 23, in Los Angeles, California, which has been a filming location for popular movies such as Ghostbusters (interiors), The Mask, and Police Academy 2. The video also adds some additional crowd shots at the end, which appear to be on a television screen.

This alternate version of the video, with these extra opening scenes was used for promotion of the song when the single was first released. This video was used for promotion in the USA and Australia. It was present on promotional videos circulated by Island Records, and also by Telegenics. This is the version currently being sold on iTunes in the UK, and around the world outside of North America.

This alternate edit of the video does not appear on any commercial U2 release and the versions appearing on home video collections has been the longer version, without these additional shots. This alternate edit does appear on iTunes outside of North America. In North America it is the longer version of the video that appears, without these alternate shots. This shortened version does appear on the Island U2 Compilation Reel VHS issued for promotion in the USA in December 1988.

Other than the alternate images opening the video, the video uses the footage from the other video by Avis.

U2 did a mini live concert on the rooftop of the Republic liquor store for the video shoot for “Where the Streets Have No Name”. They played a number of other songs, and played “Streets” a number of times. A legion of fans descended on the filming in the down town area, and police eventually shut down the show. This video includes a long intro which quite often when played, the intro to the video would be not shown. The intro includes the end of “Bullet the Blue Sky” being played on the radio and a DJ announcing to LA that the shoot was taking place. The song starts about 2 minutes into the video.

During the concert the band performed the following songs:

  • Where the Streets Have No Name
  • People Get Ready
  • In God’s Country
  • Where the Streets Have No Name
  • Sunday Bloody Sunday
  • Where the Streets Have No Name
  • Where the Streets Have No Name
  • Pride (In the Name of Love)

The news of the video being shot, was widespread on radio, and caused many to show up. In the background of the shoot you can see the sign for the “New Million Dollar Hotel Roslyn” which would inspire Bono later in life as well.

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Video Credits

  • Directed by Meiert Avis
  • Produced by Michael Hamlyn and Ben Dossett