"You're The Best Thing About Me" (U2 vs. Kygo Remix) [04:49]

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Video Information

This video was filmed to accompany the “Kygo vs. U2” version of “You’re The Best Thing About Me” and the video debuted on September 16, 2017 on the KygoMusic account on YouTube, and a shorter clip on Kygo’s Instagram. The video was filmed by Johannes Lovund. Lovund is a young festival photographer and filmmaker, who has worked with Kygo a number of times in the past.

The video was filmed at a residency of shows that Kygo was doing at the Ushuaia Hotel, in Ibiza. Between July 9 and September 10, Kygo performed at the hotel ten different Sunday nights. The video includes footage from three of these nights, including the earliest footage from July 30, 2017, and footage from at least two other nights (August 13, 2017, and August 27, 2017). The majority of the footage is taken from Kygo’s performances at the hotel, the crowd in attendance at these performances, and some of the special effects including smoke, pyrotechnics, and a fire dancer. During some of these performances, Kygo was playing his remix of “You’re The Best Thing About Me”.

The video opens with interviews with Bono, The Edge, and Kygo, before the complete song is played.

Bono: “We’ve had a history with collaborating with people who are in a magic moment. And it’s kind of magic the way it came about.”
Kygo: “Working with U2 was a very big honour for me, I’ve been listening to their music since I was a little kid, and I really look up to those guys.”
Bono: “I always say this about Kygo. The kid is very old school. He loves a lyric, he loves melody, and he gets out of the way of that.”
Kygo: “He had this song, “The Best Thing About Me” that he wanted to send me and he wanted me to try to work on it.”
Edge: “It was always going to make a good remix, and that was clear, it was really a case of just who we wanted to work with.”
Bono: “He did it really quickly, which was annoying cause that doesn’t happen all the time you know.”
Kygo: “I started working on it the same night.”

The interview fills the first 0:57 of the video, but then the song kicks in with a title graphic on screen, listing the title, “You’re The Best Thing About Me”, the collaborators, “U2 vs Kygo” and “A Johannes Lovund Film”. The video opens with footage of Kygo walking out onto stage at the hotel, and beginning his performance. The video includes sound effects mixed into the music when pyrotechnics erupt, or when we see the water fountain, or when we focus on the crowd.

The song also breaks for 10 seconds at the 2:50 mark to again show Kygo and Bono discussing the collaboration:

Kygo: “It was a great feeling for me to be on that stage and playing that song for the first time.”
Bono: “The kid is a star. The kid is a star.”

At the end of the song, as the music fades there is one additional clip with Kygo speaking:

Kygo: “I remember the reactions, I said that this next song I’m going to play for you guys is a brand new track that I made together with U2. I remember I saw a lot of faces going like “Wow, he’s made a song with U2.”

The video has not yet appeared on any commercial release from Kygo or U2.

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Directed by Johannes Lovund